Darkov mine in Karvina closed due to Covid-19 outbreak

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-05-26   08:42

Hygiene officials have shut down the Darkov mine in the Czech town of Karvina after it became clear that Covid-19 was spreading quickly among its employees. In what's being described as the largest mass testing of its type in the country, all 2,450 employees have now been tested for the coronavirus. The situation began to spin out of control last week, but the company had hoped the infection was less widespread and hygiene specialists carried out contact tracing procedures to prevent a more serious outbreak. So far, 212 cases at the mine have been revealed, but that number is expected to rise, since not all the samples have been tested yet. Mining has ceased at the Darkov mine, but a skeleton crew is working underground to ensure conditions there are maintained to allow work begin once the outbreak is contained.