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2019-06-25  08:39

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D3 to České Budějovice now 8km closer to completion

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The Czech Higway Authority (RSD) opened an 8.1 km section of the D3 motorway between Prague and České Budějovice, bringing completion of the long-delayed road another step closer to completion. Work on the motorway connecting Bošilec and Ševětín got underway in 2016 and cost CZK 1.24bn to complete, with 60 percent of the costs covered by European Union funds. Another 30 km of the D3 are currently being prepared or are under construction. Another 10.6 km chunk of the road beginning at Ševětín is due for completion this spring. In all 131 km of new motorway is under construction, not including the 52 km of the D1 that's being reconstructed at the moment.

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