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2019-02-12  10:59

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D11 motorway extension at Hradec Králové back on track


Czech Television is reporting that the Czech Highway Authority has signed an appendix to its contract with three construction companies for work on an extension to the D11 motorway. The state has reportedly given in to demands from the companies to pay them CZK 148m more than originally agreed, while completion has been pushed forward by one month. The three companies, Eurovia, Metrostav and Swietelsky pulled out of the contract at the end of January, claiming that the state had never officially handed over the site to them. They said that their offer of CZK 2.59bn for the 15.5 km stretch of motorway between from Hradec Králové to Smiřic had a time limit on it that had run out. The Ministry of Transportation has come under intense pressure in recent months for poorly managed infrastructure projects and a lack of progress on expanding the country's network of motorway.

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