Czech Republic to cover salaries for parents of young children

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-03-25   11:51
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The Czech state will most likely end up paying parents who are unable to work because they have to take care of young children for as long as schools remain closed. They'll receive 60 percent of their base as long as their kids are up to 13 years old. This payment is usually offered for a maximum of nine days and applies only for parents of children who are ten or younger. Members of the security forces will receive their full wages if they're unable to work during this period. The parliament is also expected to approve a bill that would let self-employed people not have to make health insurance contributions for six months. The minimum monthly payment for these people is CZK 2,352. The measures are intended to lighten the burden on people who have been impacted by measures taken to combat coronavirus. Tax revenues in 2020 are expected to fall by nearly CZK 90bn, while current estimates on the extra costs are running at CZK 70bn, all of which means a deficit of CZK 200bn. The government plans to cover the difference with state bonds. "The advantage the Czech Republic has is that our fiscal policy is in good enough shape that we can manage the situation," said Finance Minister Alena Schillerová.