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2019-06-13  09:13

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Czech hypermarkets continue to lose ground to supermarkets


Supermarkets and discount grocery stores are among the fastest growing grocery formats in the Czech Republic, and they're gaining at the expense of hypermarkets. Czechs are increasingly turning to these smaller stores when they can because they tend to be closer to home and involve less walking. These were the conclusions of the Nielsen Shopper Trends, whose Store Equity index measures the power of individual brands through their ability to get customers to pay more for products and to travel further to reach their stores. Lidl grabbed first place this year, switching places with Kaufland, which came in second. They were followed by Tesco, Albert and Globus. Hypermarkets accounted for 36 percent of the total spend in the sector, but they're losing ground (0.6% in the past year) to smaller store formats. Nielsen claims they've lost 10% of their market share in the past ten years, compared to supermarkets, discount groceries and specialized drugstores.

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