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2020-02-14  09:29

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Czech automobile sector wages rose 6% in 2019

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The average monthly wage in the Czech automobile sector hit CZK 44,000 last year, 31.5 percent higher than the national average. The figures were released by the Czech Automobile Industry Association (AutoSAP), which found that wages had risen 6 percent in 2019, while the number of employees its members had on their books rose just 1 percent to 133,000. Breaking down the numbers further, there continues to be a wide gap between wages paid by the automobile manufacturers and those paid by their suppliers. Suppliers paid just CZK 37,883 per month in 2019, while the employees of the manufacturers received CZK 54,227. AutoSAP's president Bohdan Wojnar said 2020 wasn't looking as positive for employees because of new regulations coming into effect and the overall economic situation.

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