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2019-03-06  10:59

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Commodus aims to acquire assets worth €300m in 2019


Commodus aims to acquire new properties with values of EUR 200-300M in 2019
German Investment company Commodus is on track to invest over 200M euros this year in acquisitions. The company, who specializes in commercial properties throughout Germany, plans on investing a volume up to at most EUR 100M per a transaction. Cities the company will look to purchase these properties in include the Rhine-Main region and South Germany. Commodus sees value in these areas based off of Economic prosperity and living standards. Our active asset management allows us to maximise potential added value, thereby reducing the dependence of our returns on the development of the wider market,” said managing partner of Commodus Dr Matthias Mittermeier. After having a successful 2018 year, which saw the company bring in EUR 200 million, they plan to add on to their EUR 500 million in value across Germany in 2019. “We started the new year with plenty of momentum and were able to raise more than 40 percent of the target equity for our new Luxembourg fund in just a few weeks,” Mittermeier said.

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