CIB to build rental flats above new metro station in Pisnice - Prague 4

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-01-16   12:55

The real estate group CIB is planning to build 170 rental apartments in the Prague 4 suburb of Pisnice. spoke with CIB's director Dušan Koňařík who said "We're not a classic developer that wants to get the maximum out of the area." He said that since CIB already owns more than 700 apartments in the vicinity, it wouldn't make sense to develop so intensely that it hurt the property values of the entire neighborhood. CIB will be building not just flats but a substantial amount of public space including a new public square. "We're the owner of hundreds of flats and so we don't want the new buildings to devalue the housing estate, he said. The impulse to build the project is primarily the fact that it will include one of the new stations on the D metro line whose construction just got underway.