Building A in the Podkovářská Complex Has Been Sensitively Transformed Into a Multifunctional Space

by   Svoboda & Williams
2020-05-13   12:43
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The 1920s Podkovářská industrial complex in Vysočany, consisting of four mixed-use buildings, has recently been thoroughly reconstructed by architects from the Caraa studio. The dominant feature of the entire complex, Building A, was successfully completed this year. The result is an industrial style building that offers offices for lease with flexible layouts and more. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been instructed to lease office space in this newly renovated building.

“The careful reconstruction of the individual buildings in the Podkovářská Complex began in 2003 and the goal from the very beginning was clear—Art Point. A place where the practical meets the esthetic, craft meets art, offices meet art studios. This idea arose on the one hand from the diverse nature of the complex and on the other out of our requirements. We wanted to create a space that would reflect the dynamics of our rapidly developing company,” stated Monika Kočvarová, whose company, Podkovářská, is behind the complex’s reconstruction.

A new level has been added to Building A, with a roof that overhangs the street and the courtyard. Since the designs for the reconstruction fully respect the complex’s original style, a distinctive space has emerged with an impressive architecture and industrial elements, such as replicas of the original factory windows with steel frames, the use of galvanized sheet metal, a preserved reinforced concrete structure, or precast concrete floors.

The space in Building A can be leased as offices, a service establishment, or light industrial space. There is also a gallery and a corner two-story villa. Building A is adjacent to Poděbradská Street, and is therefore ideally suited for large-format outdoor advertising.