Brno office construction picking up

by   CIJ iDesk I
2019-09-12   06:32

The Brno edition of the daily paper Deník writes that office development is picking up speed in the Moravian capital. It speaks with two companies with projects now underway, the first of which is Areal Slatina. Its business director Josef Hrachovský says the company is building a 15,000 sqm office property on its site (Slatina) just off the D1 near Exit 201. "Another building of the same size began operations over a year ago," he said. "Both of them have three times more parking than is usual in the center." In all, the complex offers 600 parking places. Also nearing completion are another two office buildings with 4,600 sqm of space in a project called Babak Office located north of the center in Kralové pole. The taller of the two rises 11 storeys above ground, while the second has just four levels, according to chief executive of Imos Development Hana Vyplelová. There's been a high volume of construction underway, including projects like CTP's Vlnena that are competing with each other. Jakub Farář, a Brno real estate agent quoted by Deník, admits it's currently a tenant's market in Brno but that the first building of Babak Office is now full.