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2019-04-17  09:56

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Bratislava set to increase parking prices


The price of parking looks set to rise in the Slovak capital, as the city tries to take control of its streets. A yearly payment of 49 percent will only allow drivers free parking in certain parts of the city, but the hourly rate in other parts is set to increase. In some cases, that increase could be substantial. At the moment, for example, it costs €1.20 per hour in the city's Old Town. This is set to rise by 67 percent to €2 per hour. Each city district will be able to set the price of parking as it sees fit. Old Town's mayor Matej Števove told the daily Pravda that "In terms of parking, Old town is one of the most exposed city districts which will probably cause it begin put in the category where €2 per hour will be paid.

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