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2020-05-22  12:35

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BMW completes new facility for e-car component production

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BMW has completed construction of a new building at its factory in Dingolfing, Germany where it will be producing wheel sets for the BMW i3 and electric transmissions for the E-Mini. But the facility will also be able to produce components for the iX3, the i4 and the iNext, the last of which are expected to be coming off the lines in Dingolfing by 202. The iX3, however, will be manufactured at least at first in China, while the i4 is expected to be produced in Munich. The Dingolfing plant has been manufacturing "e-components" since 2013 and has become a competence center for electric drive production. It employs around 2,500 people. The new building, which will feature the first green roof in the entire complex, took around 14 months to erect.

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