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2019-05-20  09:45

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Berger Bohemia wins CZK 876m order for Pačejov station reconstruction


SZDC, the state-owned company that maintains the Czech railway network, has chosen Berger Bohemia to carry out a maror modernization of the Pačejov station between České Budějovice and Pilsen at a cost of CZK 876m. Work, which is to begin in May and last until the end of 2020. The goal of the work is to increase the speed of trains passing through the station. At the moment, they are forced to slow to between 60 and 65 kilometers per hour, but the result of the work should raise this to 100 km/hr. The project is part of an ongoing program intended to increase the quality of train service between the two regional capitals. The projects were approved by the Ministry of Transportation in in 2017.

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