Average paid employment in enterprise sector down 2.1% in April

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2020-06-01   09:23

The average paid employment in Poland’s enterprise sector fell 2.1 percent y-o-y in April, while the average gross wages and salaries were higher by 1.9 percent y-o-y, amounting to PLN 5285.01, according to data published by the Central Statistical Office (GUS). In April, some businesses reduced their employment, which translated into a decrease in average paid employment in the enterprise sector by 2.4 percent compared to the previous month. The decrease was the result of a reduction of part-time and full-time employment, the end of fixed-term contracts and the termination of employment contracts. The decline in average paid employment was also affected by employees taking care or sick leave benefits or staying on unpaid leaves.