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2020-04-01  11:50
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Tom Tailor warns of potential mid-term...

The retailer Tom Tailor has warned that it's running low on cash, revealing in a statement that current lack of sales meant it could experience medium-term liquidity problems. These mean that the retailer could risk non-compliance with the credit ratios it's obliged to maintain, wrote the board of directors. It warned that poor sales results would be seen as soon as the numb...
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2020-04-01  11:40

Shipping delays to Prague blamed on virus

Shipping along the Czech river network has snarled because of delays in completing construction work along a canal connecting the Elbe river to the Vltava. Workers at the construction company that was completing work on a bridge over the canal were placed in quarantine. The server writes that this has caused delays in completion of the project, since it took time to round ...
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2020-04-01  11:39
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Project News

Wenceslas Square reconstruction to go ahead...

The City of Prague is planning to move forward with the reconstruction of Wenceslas square, despite the complications of the coronavirus pandemic. Already delayed for years, the city's leadership has finally managed to assemble all the necessary permits and appears determined not to squander the opportunity to make progress. The work would be carried out on the basis of the desig...
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2020-04-01  11:35
Svoboda & Williams
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Offices Unlimited: New Measures During the...

Offices Unlimited, whose portfolio consists of shared offices with flexible lease terms, is part of the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency. The company has introduced special hygienic measures and rules to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus in all its premises. At the same time, it has launched video tours of its offices, allowing potential tenants to view the spaces and...
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2020-04-01  10:28
CIJ Romania
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Globalworth’s portfolio tops €3bn in 2019

Globalworth’s portfolio was valued at more than €3bn at the end of last year. The company completed or announced 11 new real estate investments, totaling €613.8m, in 2019. Its portfolio grew by more than 170,000 sqm, reaching 1.2 million sqm. The occupancy rate of its properties stands at 95 percent, including tenant extension options. The developer and real estate investor took its P...
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2020-04-01  09:18
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CBRE leases 4,000 sqm at Warsaw UNIT

CBRE has leased 4,000 sqm at Warsaw UNIT, which is currently under construction by Ghelamco near the capital’s Daszyńskiego roundabout. The 202-meter building will offer 57,000 sqm of office space on 45 floors as well as a multi-story garage for 450 vehicles and infrastructure for cyclists, including bike parking, locker rooms and showers. Completion is scheduled for 2021. The proje...
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2020-04-01  09:16
Company News

KTW II secures BREEAM Interim Design Stage...

The KTW II office building, under development in Katowice, has received a BREEAM Interim Design Stage certificate with a rating of Excellent. KTW II will offer 40,000 sqm of office space. The building will feature fast lifts with reduced power consumption, special sanitary fittings and air conditioning with heat recovery. The project will be surrounded by biodiverse greenery as wel...
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2020-03-31  11:52
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Retail restrictions extended in Czech Republic

The Czech government has extended the lockdown until April 11, meaning that people are to remain at home at all times unless they work. While it's allowed to shop for food and medicines and to visit doctors, public offices and the post offices, it's illegal to go outside without a mask. Czech police have been enforcing the rules, handing out fines for people they find on the...
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2020-03-31  11:40
CIJ Serbia

Retail ban hitting Croatia shopping centers hard

For every day of the implementation of coronavirus prevention measures, Croatia's retail sector is losing HRK 82 million (not including food), claims Denis Cupic, the president of a newly-formed Association of Non-Food Retailers and Shopping Centers. Anti-contagion meausres have closed 95 percent of all businesses in the country. The Westgate Shoppin City shopping center, for exa...
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2020-03-31  11:34
CIJ Serbia

Brussels announces €38m aid package for...

The EU has announced a €38m support package to the Western Balkans for immediate assistance to the region's health systems and a further €374m to support economic recovery following the COVID-19 crisis. This is a response from the European Commission to a recent request from a partner from the region to support the procurement of medical equipment and devices such as respirators,...
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