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2019-05-22  08:45

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Prague wants state and EU funds for D line construction


The City of Prague is expecting financial assistance from the state for the construction of the fourth metro line, whose construction is expected to begin in June. The cost for the 10.5 km D line connecting Pisnice in southern Prague and the Pankrac metro station has been calculated most recently at CZK 72bn leading mayor Zdendek Hrib to say he believes EU funding should also be made available. "I hope the government will take part in this crucial project, which won't be serving just residents of Prague," he told "Co-financing of metros by the state is the rule around the world and the construction of the A line without state support was an exception." Hrib added that if prime minister Andrej Babis is unable to bring himself to support the project, Prague could wait until there was a different group of politicians leading the country. "I believe that this government or the next one will realize the importance of this matter. After all, Prague makes up nearly one fourth of the GDP of the entire country." The city has filled with demonstrators against Babis and his government's policies in recent weeks.

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