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We are presenting the new Encompassme site for and about companies that recognize the importance of communications in today's business world, and who are seeking new channels to reach their goals. Encompassme is giving you the possibility to distribute your company’s news easily and efficiently and share it with a wide group of specialists gathered in one place through encompassme.

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Encompassme targets established business professionals in many fields, including marketing and public relations along with specialists operating in the business world. Thanks to encompassme they’re all able to publish their company’s news creating it in their own discretion to gain best possible effect. It’s the best way to provide information on your business to all specialists gathered in one place.

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Encompassme will make it possible for you to present yourself in a new way, making your company visible and recognizable in the digital world. Through this site you will be able to reach your audience through CIJ sites, applications, search engines, blogs and social networks we’ve selected for you in order to improve the distribution of the content you spend valuable time and resources creating.

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Encompassme Vám dává unikátní příležitost vytvořit a rozvíjet vlastní online značku, nezbytnou pro zajištění trvalého růstu a úspěchu Vaší firmy.

In order to satisfy the most demanding audience, we've also made encompassme available for mobile and tablet users via the CIJ Reader applications, thus increasing the number of professionals receiving your news, photos, videos and market information every day.

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On the other hand, Encompassme also gives you direct, efficient access to up-to-the-minute information about other companies and their activities in a speedy presentable fashion.

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Drawing on the tradition of the well-known and highly-respected CIJ, we also offer you a chance to publish your content in Central and South Eastern Europe's exclusive, leading magazine covering news from Energy, Financial, Health, Industrial, Media, Services, Real Estate, Retail, Consumer, Tech, Telecoms and Transport sectors. As a primary source of information, CIJ publications presents a great opportunity to introduce your company to all the major companies cooperating with CIJ, and to expand their knowledge of your business.

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